Friday, February 08, 2013

attack in Bulgaria

Joerg from Germany sent me this:  "some days ago Bulgarian interior minister Tsevtnov declared that an involvement of Iran and Hizbullah in the assassination of Israeli tourists in Burgas last year becomes more and more obvious.
I wondered whether maybe these news are related to the truth commission about the AMIA bombings, which Argentine and Iran decided to establish end of last month.

For example according to the BBC, Israel immediatly "condemned" the new Argentinian-Iranian investigation, and the US estimated, that President Kirchner lost her interest in the truth about these and the former Israeli embassy assassinations.
When asked whether Hizbullah could really be so stupid to make the EU angry, some terror expert declared on Al Jazeera, that Hizbullah already organised bombings abroad - in Argentine.
But what striked me most was that already the bombings in Argentine were linked to the supposed Iranian nuclear program."