Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Yet, again, David Kirkpatrick proves that he is not qualified for the job

David Kirkpatrick has no background (in terms of education or experience) in the Middle East.  He went from covering conservatives in the US to covering Arab uprisings and becoming Cairo bureau chief.  Look at this sentence:  "Though inflammatory anti-Semitism is a staple of political discourse of all stripes in Egypt..."  Only someone unqualified and with no knowledge of Arabic whatsoever, would make this generalization.  In fact, Egyptian leftists, and Nasserists and even liberals abhor the anti-Jewish discourse. 

PS A colleague sent me this:  "Let us not forget that he made up a whole story of how Jordanian demonstrators want Hamza as their king, which was news to everyone in Jordan, most of all to the demonstrators themselves!"