Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Yassin Hajj Saleh on Edward Said

Writing in An-Nahar supplement (the paper is the Lebanese right-wing, racist (against Syrians and Palestinians) sectarian Christian publication which is almost dead), Yassin Hajj Saleh mentions Edward Said.  But let me say that writing in An-Nahar about secularism and revolution is like writing in a Nazi publication about Judaism and secularism.  I am used to Zionist habitual distortion and misconstruing of Said's ideas but this one is too vulgar for my taste: he claims that Said argued for authenticity when Said was consistently opposed to that. The conclusion of Culture and Imperialism is an indictment of authenticity.  I know that Saleh's English is limited but he can at least read them in Arabic: they are available. (thanks Amer)

PS Oh, and the rest of the long article is pure vapidness masquerading as cliched enlightenment.