Sunday, January 20, 2013

Who bombed Aleppo University? A follow-up

From Angry Arab's chief correspondent in Turkey, Ali:
"Assad, I have been checking the claims of both sides on the attack against Aleppo University and the claims of the opposition seems very contradictive to me.

I) This video was uploaded by Syrian dissidents and claimed to be the evidence of the attack of Syrian aircrafts. But I see no aircrafts or hear their sounds. 

III) If army had decided to give the "dissedent students" a lesson, it would not have used the aircrafts for a campus that is already in their control. Such a choice ultimately would push the neutral or pro-regime students tho the ranks of opposition. And we know that there were refugees in the dormitories of the university. So why did Assad decide to punish the people who refuged to his authority rather than to flee Turkey?

IV) Contrary to the fiction of the opposition, a rebel commander has told Reuters a different story: "Blasts appeared to have been caused by ground-to-ground missiles" (NOT an air-to-ground missile as opposition claimed) Source 

V) Syrian opposition claimed that rebels had no missiles to create such a devastation but a photo of AFP showing them to fire a missile in Aleppo:  Two retired Turkish officers that I asked their opinions confirmed missiles like this one are capable of such devastation.

VI) FSA had attacked an elemantary school in Damascus and had killed 29 students in December "