Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Turkish plane over Syria

From Ali, chief Turkey correspondent:  "As you may know a Turkish aircraft was shot down by Syrian army in June and the incident brought Turkey and Syria on the edge of a war. Turkey has been claiming that the Turkish aircraft had a routine mission and was over international waters when it was shot down by Syrian Army. However, Damascus rejected these claims and said that it violated the Syrian air space twice. Anyway...

Last week the families of the dead pilots charged an attorney to sue Turkish authorities. According to the attorney of the families the mission was commanded by the Turkish National Intelligence Agency (MIT) not by military... And blamed the Hakan Fidan the chief of MIT.

A routine mission of MIT, it is so unusual. I think the assumptions that the aircraft was checking the Syrian air defence capabilities are true. And guess what, after this incidents FSA started to attack mostly the Syrian air-defence bases."