Wednesday, January 23, 2013

This guy thinks of himself as a genius: I am not kidding

"Son of The Great Mansour Rahbani, Oussama grew up in a family where music was of a big influence, which allowed him to acquire a certain maturity and a rich experience that helped him create, along with his studies and artistic preferences, a world of his own. He had many contributions in his father’s works, as compositor, orchestrator and artistic consultant.. Yet, he produced several plays of his own: "Wa kama fil yawm al thaleth" (He rose on the third day) in 2000 - "Akher yom" (The last day) in 2004, "Gibran wal nabi" (Gibran and the prophet) in 2008, "3awdat al finiq" (The return of the phoenix) in 2009 .. where he contributed at the same time as compositor and orchestrator. As to songs, Oussama had many successful experiences, one of which being "Lazem ghayyir al nizâm" (Ive got to change the system) in 1995 where he contributed as producer, compositor and concept creator.. The music video of the song was awarded the MCM prize la nuit des clips méditerranéens .. Moreover, Oussama introduced many singers like : Carole Samaha, Hiba Tawaji, Rudy Dagher, Wadih Abi Raad, Youssef el Khal, Laurette Helou, and many others.. His music requires advanced singing skills, and is very much demanding on the technical level, which is mainly due to his compositions which combine the feeling with technical abilities, and mix occidental and oriental music .."