Thursday, January 03, 2013

Some news on Syria from Ali

Ali, Angry Arab's chief correspondent in Turkey sent me this:

"I have sent you some interesting news. Here you are:

1) Zionist bandits:
As she travelled home from her triumph, Israeli border guards have seized the trophy of a Palestinian school girl who won an international competition in Malaysia.


2) Who counts the causalities in Syria:
"Pointing to the published figure of number of Syrians dead at 60,000, as released by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) the day after the New Year, Innercity Press (ICP), an organization that covers United Nations, questioned the source of the figure. ICP said the figure was from an outside contractor, Benetech, allegedly paid by the OHCHR, and added that funders of Benetech included the U.S. State Department, and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). "


3) The video that you have posted yesterday () seems to me very controversial. I don't want to defend or acquit anyone but some questions are raised in my mind:

a) The torturer 'soldiers' have salafite-style beards and their attitudes are so unnatural. They seem to me like the "bad guys" in the Hollywood movies. (My 'assumption': As far as I know just republican guards and shabbiha can have beards, but if they are republican guard there should be red banner on their arms. )
b) The false-flag videos of FSA are so common. Check this
c) The guys wear white tennis shoes that are common in FSA, Shabbiha also prefers them but then why they wear camouflage. There are two forces in Syrian army: Regular and paramilitary... They wear camouflage like regular army but wear shoes like shabbiha, interesting...
d) The source is a FSA brigade. How did they manage to seize the video? There is no explanation...
e) This is an Al Arabiya classic, just one day before the video Interestingly the video is also said to be recorded in Damascus... Coincidence?

Believe me I support neither Assad nor FSA but yes I just don't like Assad but hate his so-called opponents. "