Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Sammy and health in the West Bank

From Mouin:  "I don't know enough about the details to comment about Sammy's claims re the PA Ministry of Health. That said, at least some of his assertions strike me as inaccurate.
This is confirmed by the data he musters in his defense. His citation of WHO regarding preventable injuries has absolutely nothing to do with the quality - or lack thereof - of medical care in PA hospitals or of public health professionals.

The document he links to is in fact a USAID and not WHO report. It simply classifies "traffic accidents, burns and poisoning" as preventable injuries, as in accidents that could have been prevented by drivers, cooks, and snakes. This has zero to do with PA hospitals or medical care. Read it (it's para 4 of the Executive Summary of the link) and judge for yourself. To say the least, it doesn't inspire much confidence in his other claims."