Friday, January 11, 2013

rich quotations by Free Syrian Army

Adam sent me this:  "Personally, I see a lot of material here, such as these quotes:

""Are we going to be fighting Bashar and them?" Tlas asked of untrustworthy new fighters. "There's a lot of that in Aleppo ... We cannot reject them. It's not the time for that. Those are the bad seeds.""

- So when exactly will you be getting rid of te "bad seeds"? After the regime falls, or completely "fades away" (it's "fading" you know, just as they imagine it)?

"It was like the regime all over again, wanting only their own family or sect to rule," he told Reuters as a walkie-talkie cackled nearby. "After the regime falls, we still have a long battle just to clean up the revolutionaries."

- That sounds like a lot of fun, especially for the innocent civilians that will continue to be stuck in between them. And what will be the result? Well apparently,...

""We're in the final stage of the revolution and the tyrant Assad regime is fading," he said in a sprawling police building where rebels in army fatigues worked in offices. "We have set up institutions that in the future will become the administration," he added of his hopes for a post-Assad role for his unit."

- Yup, definitely sounds like we don't have to worry about a Islamic/Military state replacing the Ba'athist/Military state. "