Wednesday, January 23, 2013

On Aleppo Universtiy bombing: another view, again

From S.:  "Once again, the eyewitnesses saw and heard the planes swooping. Whether or not one can actually see the bombs drop, they would have been too far away to see them anyway. They could see it was the university. They knew their young relatives were there. Long before they had any access to any media. They frantically searched the site and the morgue when their relatives didn't answer their phones. I know these people would not lie to me because they were talking about their own loved ones. I know it is possible to figure out roughly where the planes are bombing because you see them swoop then count the seconds till you hear the bang. Do this for a year and you become very good at estimating it. Do it when you have a largely unobstructed view and it becomes obvious.
I am certainly not a revolution groupie. My family are in the middle of this carnage and they refuse to abandon our extended family and many others who need help. We suffer no matter who bombs us. So no need to be afraid of me because I'm simply a civilian who is sick of armchair analysts. I am also afraid.for myself and my family and my city and my country. So I would ask your frightened Lebanese commenter to take off his sectarian eyeglasses and behold a country being destroyed by its own government and its own people, ably assisted by every asshole who wants a piece of it."
PS This is Angry Arab speaking: I categorically reject the description of "sectarian" to my comrade in the post cited.  S. does not know the person, and I do.