Thursday, January 10, 2013

New York Times on cultural laziness

From Eric:  "This article, like so many in the New York Times, deftly manages to combine sexism and bourgeois feminism within a racist framework: "It is not unlike the traditional role of women in many of the Andean regions in Peru and Bolivia, where the hardship of life and what some call a cultural laziness on the part of many men has produced tough, determined women who carry the main burden of the family." And this: "Only a few months ago, Peruvians knew her as one of the country's prima ballerinas, slim and beautiful. But after Maritza Garrido Lecca was captured this month with Abimael Guzman Reynoso, leader of the Shining Path guerrilla group, the gracefulness of dance was lost. Peruvians were shocked to see her on a police videotape with raised fist and a fierce, hardened stare, shouting, "Communism will take over the world!"" The implication? If only the men of the lower, brown-skinned races were not so endemically sexist and 'culturally lazy', women would fulfill their proper role of performing elegant European dances with their 'slim and beautiful' bodies instead of gracelessly raising their fists and staring in a 'fierce, hardened' manner! "