Saturday, January 12, 2013

New York Times in support of colonization

From Regan:  ""Israel says that most of the E1 area is Israeli land."

That's not even true in the narrowest legal sense. One country on earth (Israel) claims such rubish and a couple effectively concede (US, Canada). The facts are not obscure, but when paying homage to Israel, Kershner will let anything and everything slide past journalistic standards...
" While Israel enacted The Land Acquisition For Public Purpose Ordinance
and the Absentee Property Law
, in 1967 in order to legalize the confiscation of Palestinian land and limit Palestinians spatially, Israel also put into effect a set of urban and design guidelines aimed at attracting European Jewish settlers and further displacing Palestinians. To meet these goals, Israel placed much of the land annexed in 1967 under the jurisdiction of the Israel-Lands Administration (ILA) whose management had been merged with the Jewish National Fund. The charter of the Jewish National Fund restricted the developments and use of the land to the exclusive benefits of Jews, the ILA land, constitutionally, could not be “sold or leased or used” by or for Palestinian Arabs."
-- Dana Erekat, "Colonial planning on my grandfather's hilltop", 12 December 2012<>"