Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mursi's anti-Jewish rhetoric

Regarding the anti-Jewish rhetoric that were exposed by the program of Bassem Youssef and covered today in a front-page story in the Times:
1) Israeli leaders make racist and bigoted comments against Arabs and Muslims regularly but the New York Times never feature those comments on the front page. 2) How come the New York Times and other Zionist media did not bother to unearth anti-Jewish comments by the unrepentant anti-Semitic Nazi, Anwar Sadat? 3) I am sure that Morsi's comments would be forgotten and forgiven if he continues to follow US orders.  4) How come the anti-Jewish statements by House of Saud princes don't get front page coverage in the New York Times? 5) It is no secret that the rhetoric of the Muslim Brotherhood is indeed anti-Jewish.  6)  What does Mr. Kirkpatrick mean here:  "typically restrict their inflammatory comments to the more ambiguous category of “Zionists.”" Ambiguous category of Zionists?  Is it implied that even when expression of hostility is directed against Zionists it is suspect?