Thursday, January 03, 2013

Hizbullah after Asad

"will support Sunni forces, including the Muslim Brotherhood, in Lebanese politics. If Hizbullah can’t replenish its stock of rockets, its geopolitical significance could decline, even as that of the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood rises."  But Juan: do you know how insignificant Muslim Brotherhood (known in Lebanon as Jama`ah Islamiyyah) is in Lebanon? They have one MP in the current Lebanese parliament and they got that by riding on the coattails of the Hariri parliamentary list?  The Muslim Brotherhood in Lebanon is not a political factor to speak of.  2) Hizbullah was a political factor in Lebanon and the region long before it acquired rockets.  3) Syrian regime after Asad may indeed support Sunnis in Lebanon but they don't have more money than Saudi Arabia which has been supporting Sunnni sectarian forces in Lebanon for years without really altering the balance of forces.  (thanks Mohammed)