Friday, January 04, 2013

Gaza in Syria

From Angry Arab's chief correspondent in Turkey, Ali:
"I) Syrian Archbishop: Our wheat looted and sold to the Turkish under the gaze of Turkish customs officers:
Assad, what Syria is now facing seems to me very coordinated and planned.
The amount of the looting cannot be induced in just ingenuities of a few rapacious militants as reported by Western journalists.
Anyone who spend just a day in Hatay or Kilis can easily aware that this is an organized crime...
And I think it fits with the "new strategy" of Turkish&Qatari intelligence who has been commanding FSA from the bases located in Turkey.
FSA since the September has been mostly attacking oil fields&pumps and looting the wheat.
At same time demonstrators in Iraq block the main route of fuel transportation in Syria and Barzani closed the borders... You see the attacks on fuel stations. I am very sure that the new strategy aims to create Gaza in North of Syria. If there is no oil, there will be no agriculture... This is the season of wheat planting... I am terribly sad for people of Syria, they are now paying the price of not supporting FSA...

II) West&Israel should be very happy to have a leader like Morsi in Egypt. THey pay him; "Muslim Brotherhood took ‘billions’ from Obama" Source:  And he works for them: Egypt thwarts smuggling of 6 U.S.-made missiles into Gaza; "