Friday, January 18, 2013

Darwin and apes

I am still getting responses about Darwin and apes.  Rob wrote:  "You still didn't get it quite right. According to modern taxonomic classifications we are apes, together with the other great apes--chimps, gorillas,orangutans, and bonobos--as well as the more distantly related lesser apes, the gibbons. So of course we are descended from apes, we call them mom and dad."  And Chathan wrote:  "regarding your post, I don't think it was necessarily inaccurate. On the contrary. According to most experts I've talked to in high school and college (in biology and anthropology), humans are part of the "great ape" family of Hominadae. In other words, we ARE apes. This whole "humans aren't apes, they share a common ancestor only" seems to me to be little more than equivocation by people who can't accept human kinship with other animals. So they alter it with "oh we come from animals but we are still distinct" or "humans are primates distinct from apes and monkeys'. This resistence to humans being on the same level as other animals, indeed being animals with all these qualified statements. It sickens me. "