Saturday, January 05, 2013

Brookings Doha Activism: in the service of the Emir

From Ahmet of Tunisia:
"Asad, you gotta appreciate this "think-tank activism"; and the "us" trampling on intellectual detachment: "

"It is little unfair of the international community and particular the French to bestow this title [of sole legitimate representative] on the coalition and not follow through," said Salman Shaikh, of the Brookings Institution's Doha centre thinktank, which played a role in bringing together disparate Syrian activist and opposition groups last year. "If they cannot provide for people in the north, which I suspect will come under full opposition control this year, then the people on the ground will question what is the point. And what you will get is just more factionalism."
He added: "I see a very dark period ahead of us, with a total breakdown like Iraq in 2006, with sectarianism on a scale we have not yet seen in Syria."""