Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bassem Youssef

Mark sent me this comment on Bassem Youssef, the Egyptian TV satirist--and I agree with the gist of Mark's comment:
"Bassem Youssef's critique of the ikhwan should not be mistaken for a candid critique of Zionism.
Note that he explicitly covers himself at the end by affirming that he does not want to" زايد عليهم"
Bassem would never say "close the embassy" etc. In fact, he never rocks the boat on anything, whether it is Zionism, Islamism or US FP.  He has repeatedly stated that he supports sharia (just not the way the ikhwan implements it which to me is a highly fraudulent argument)  The ultimate proof of his cowardice came in this PR interview he gave to placate the Islamists:

What greater renunciation of all freedom of speech and intellectual integrity than to say one is at the beck and call of a sheikh/pope/rabbi?
If you watch the full 7alqa, there are further disturbing instances.

In sum, Bassem Youssef is a faux Jon Stewart...not as critical, not as funny, more slapstick than substance.
His class bias is patent throughout, he does not even try to hide it. He is not courageous enough to assert the full freedom of belief but constantly professes his love of sharia, and he portrays the US, Israel and the Syrian Opposition in an uncritical light. He would never, ever would invite the likes of Galal Amin, Sayyid al Qimni or Nawal Saadawi. He does not want to rock the boat, but the boat is sinking and so what he does is a mere diversion from the true problems. "