Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bahrain update

From Angry Arab's chief Bahrain correspondent: "These two sentences, buried in the middle of this reuters article, is an example of why calls to dialogue by the regime shouldn't be taken seriously :
"She said the government would moderate the event, help arrange the agenda and implement any recommendations that it produced.
"As far as I understand, the government won't be represented there. They will be the moderators, the regulator," she said without elaborating.
So if the opposition won't be talking to the regime, who will they be negotiating with exactly? 

By the way, Samira Rajab, who happens to be Nabeel Rajab's cousin, is an admirer of Saddam Hussain and considers herself Saddam's long lost daughter.
Oh, and amid these calls to dialogue, the appeals court just upheld the death sentence of a protestor accused of murdering a policeman: "