Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Aljazeera: more crude than ever as propaganda outlet for Qatari ruling dynasty

From Ahmet of Tunisia:  "Asad; i really once thought Aljazeera Arabic was smarter than this. But it it seems that they have lost it and there is no way back. That ostensible objectivity and balance, which was probably due to a longer Emiri rope, is gone forever, it seems. The resulting degeneration is a typical Arab regime state media going to the mat for that royal or that potentate. Look at this headline : "Analysts: Qatar a model toward (dealing with) Revolutionary Egypt". The analysts are in fact just a couple of obscure Egyptian experts who are brought in to sing the praises of the Qatari role with no counterpoint. Even a slight skepticism is quashed by the very same analyst relying on the authority of ....the Qatari Prime minister. Here is a translation of a passage from Arabic to get an idea about the degradation of Aljazeera and its resort to one-way, dumb and bland propaganda mouthed by said "independent analysts" :

"...Confirming to that the Qatari announcement of increased support for Egypt is particularly important, because it comes at a time when Cairo is suffering from a severe economic crisis that has only seen Qatar move to confront it , which will have good resonance with the Egyptian people.

Then Alajami pointed to the press conference [of the Qatari PM/FM], which has brought renewed denials of what has been promoted by certain circles hostile to the two countries regarding the Qatari ambitions behind its investments in Egypt, and said that the Prime Minister's
characterization of those rumors, and those repeating them for some suspicious motives, as "bad joke" was a strong response"

"مؤكدا للجزيرة نت أن ما أعلنته قطر من زيادة دعمها لمصر يكتسب أهمية خاصة، لكونه يأتي بينما تعاني القاهرة أزمة اقتصادية خانقة لم يتحرك أحد لمواجهتها إلا قطر، وهو ما سيترك أثرا طيبا لدى الشعب المصري.
وأشار العجمي إلى ما شهده المؤتمر الصحفي من تجديد النفي لما روجته دوائر معادية للبلدين حول أطماع قطرية وراء الاستثمار في مصر، وقال إن وصف رئيس وزراء قطر لها بأنها "مزحة سخيفة" مثل ردا قويا على هذه الشائعات ومن يرددونها لأغراض مشبوهة"."