Saturday, January 19, 2013

Aleppo University bombing: another view

A Syrian reader sent me this:  "I've spoken to eyewitnesses who saw the fighter plane swooping just before the explosions,from a good vantage point, so i don't think this story is bullshit.
You may be wondering why the govt. would bomb an area under their control. It may be because so many students are from the surrounding countryside (e.g. Idlib) and this was the army's way of telling them that nowhere is safe, a kind of massive 'fuck you'. If you had seen what happened to the students at the hands of the shabbiha, and the bombing of bakeries, then you might appreciate how out of control the military is. The bombing was near the dorms opposite the Architecture department. The dorms were already gutted by the shabbiha and the people in them were probably refugees and not students.

P.s. there was another airstrike yesterday near the muhafaza area which is definitely under regime control. They hit two residential buildings on a street a few minutes walk from the Russian embassy. No one I spoke to knows why."