Friday, December 14, 2012

Zionist Delusion of Fouad Ajami

From Ahmet in Tunisia:  "Asad, Fouad Ajami is desperately and quite miserably trying to reassure Zionists: First, he meets good Syrian nationalists:"In the Syrian refugee camps in Antakya a few months ago, more than one erstwhile nationalist raised on a diet of anti-Zionism wondered aloud to me about the prospect of the Israeli air force putting an end to the barbarism and the cruelty by reducing Bashar’s presidential palace and bunker to rubble."............And then here is a logic of university professor: Arab tyrants sold their anti-Zionism ( i don't know how can he writes that with House of Saud, Sons Of Zayed, King of Jordan, Morocco's the Commander Of the Faithful, House of Khalifa, Ben Ali, Mubarak, etc..hitting him in the face) but despoiled their nations; Arab revolutionaries now can see through the subterfuge, and will somehow stop being anti-Zionists. End of Story : " Israel has no choice but to wait out these rebellions of the Arab Spring. Fundamentally, these are the revolts of Arab populations who have wearied of the waste and fraud of the dictatorships. The rebels know that the anti-Zionism of the dictatorships was an alibi for failure, pure scapegoating."