Thursday, December 20, 2012

What some people in Aleppo are saying

When I mentioned on my Facebook about the information from the Turkish journalist (see the post below this), I have received many messages from people in Aleppo confirming stories about Free Syrian Army theft and thuggery.  Here is one (in translation from Arabic):  My name is... and my mother's name is...and my father's name is... and I am a son of Aleppo and worked in relief work.  I can confirm to you that that Free Syrian Army stole wheat and sold it in `Ifrin which is under the control of the Kurds and sold it to Turkey, and is distributing them in liberated areas only.  My folk and comrades are in Aleppo and there is no bread.  There should be talk also about factories that were disassembled and sold in Turkey.  Alepp is being robbed and is hungry....There are demonstrators in Aleppo where people chant (it ryhmes in Arabic, of course):  We want the regular Army, the Free Syrian Army is a thief (بدنا الجيش النظامي, الجيش الحر حرامي)
The Free Syrian Army are themselves members of the oppressive regime but they now chant for freedom instead of chanting for the leader".  

Another person wrote to me (translation from Arabic):
"Some factories in Aleppo have been disassembled and sold in pieces to Turks.  Ask the merchangs and factory owners in Aleppo and they will report to you.  There is a systematic destruction of the country.  Today, they targeted the high voltage area of the electric power station in the village of Mahradah which provides Hamah with electricity.  We are deprived of power nine hours due to the sabotage of the electric power in Syria.  In areas of Aleppo, power is cut off 24 hours straight.  They only concentrate in schools and institutes not to mention hospitals and railways and they have the advantage [this was written in English in the original Arabic message) that whenever something is destroyed the media of the world and youtube come out and say: look how the regime destroyed this and that.  My respect to you but please doctor: dont mention my name because I am genuinely afraid of them they don't fear God and whoever opposes them is a Shabbih, and thus should die...."