Friday, December 07, 2012

What is new: March 14 propaganda in the New York Times

"Small-scale gun battles broke out between Sunni and Shiite militias, while Sunni gunmen erected checkpoints in some areas and protesters built roadblocks of burning tires."  Well, no: Sunni sectarian militias did not engage in gun battles with "Shi`ite militas"--I dont know what he had in mind here because the Sunni militias would have been finished off in a few hours had they engaged with Shi`ite militias as happened in May of 2008--but they went on a sectarian rampage and shelled `Alawite area of Jabal Muhsin in Tripoli, and kidnapped and beat people if they were found to be Shi`ite and shot at residents are random.  This was the real reaction of the sectarian audience of March 14 that is not convenient for the correspondent of the New York Times to report.