Sunday, December 30, 2012

Turkey in Yemen

From Angry Arab's correspondent in Turkey, Ali: 
"Some Yemenis blame Turkey provoking civil war in the country and have said that Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan bears the responsibility of the murders in the country:

It seems to me that they are not unfair:

"The first report of gun shipments from Turkey to Yemen was in March, when UAE police said it seized 16,000 Turkish-made guns destined for Yemen. Immediately, there was talk that Turkey was supporting the rebels in Yemen, and our foreign ministry had to ban weapons exports to Yemen.
But history repeated itself and eight months later, another shipment of weapons has arrived in Yemen from Turkey. The ship carrying the container with biscuit crates full of guns made a stopover in the Saudi port of Jeddah. Turkish officials suggested the guns might have been loaded there. But documents showed that the container wasn’t opened at Jeddah, which means they were loaded at the Turkish port of Mersin."