Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The stupid lies of the Free Syrian Army

These are the stupid lies of the Free Syrian Army to explain their massacre in `Aqrab:
"The Free Syrian Army surrounded a building belonging to regime loyalists in Aqrab village, which was occupied by regime forces who had taken women and children (mostly Allawite) captive to use them as human shields to protect themselves from attack by the FSA. After this, a group of eight senior figures in the village, including Sheikh Ali Al-Omar Sheikh Saa'do Hamash and retired Colonel Shaker Akkash went to negotiate the release of the women and children, and to ask the regime forces to turn themselves in, promising their safety.

These community leaders were kidnapped, however, in an attempt to pressurisee the FSA, which retreated from the building as instructed. Immediately after this, the regime shabiha killed all eight of the negotiators and fled, throwing hand grenades into the building still housing the women and children as they attempted to escape in an attempt to frame the FSA for the despicable attack.

Regime forces also fired missiles and ordered air strikes on the building, destroying it completely and killing almost all of the 200 - 250 civilians (including women and children) inside. Some people survived the massacre and verified this report."   Now does that make sense to you?  Don't you think that the Free Syrian Army needs new liars and fabricators to give better spins?  (thanks Max)