Thursday, December 13, 2012

The New York Times offers its verdict on the massacre of `Alawites in Aqraba: it says that `Alawites killed `Alawites there but for no apparent reason except to absolve the gangs of the Free Syrian Army and the Free Sunni Army from the crimes

Look at the judgment by the New York Times in the case of the massacre of `Alawites by Free Syrian Army and Free Sunni Army (people yesterday thought that I was referring to the FSA by that sectarian name when the Free Sunni Army is another armed gang operating in Syria) gangs:  "Members of Assad’s Sect Blamed in Syria Killings".  But my favorite part is that the judgement was based on the videos released by the gangs of the Free Syrian Army, as if the FSA does not have a full and rich history in lying and fabrications already.  And notice that sectarian bigotry of the Times when it refers to all `Alawites now as "members of Asad sect".  Imagine of an Arab were to refer to Jews, all Jews, as "members of Netanyaho's religion".  Disgusting bigotry yet again from the Times.