Sunday, December 16, 2012

The emotional tribute to "Abu Furat" in the New York Times

Regarding the tribute to "Abu Furat" in the New York Times by Anne Barnard and C.J. Chivers:  "Opposition members were distraught over the death of Mr. Jader, considered a skilled and respected officer by others in the loose-knit Free Syrian Army."  I was wondering: how to both of them know anything about Abu Furat except what they hear and robotically report from their Syrian opposition sources?  I mean, do they have any independent information about the man?  Of course, they don't.  Has he said nice things to `Alawites?  Well, yes he has said nice (but ultimately patronizing things about `Alawites mostly that they are poor and ignorant) things but so has the Syrian regime about its people.  You can't judge the Syrian regime or its armed opponents by their rhetoric when both are committing atrocities that undermine the credibility and veracity of their silly rhetoric.