Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The defection of Jihad Makdisi

I never met Jihad Makdisi: I saw him on TV early in the Syrian uprising and wrote on Facebook and here that he is the most effective advocate/propagandist for the regime.  I inquired about his background: so he wrote under my question and said that he has been my friend on Facebook for a few years.  He then sent me information about his educational preparation.  And that was that.  A few months later, Palestinians on Facebook alerted me that he wrote words on his Facebook page that were clearly intended against Palestinians in Syria, and they contained what seemed to me like a threat regarding their status in Syria.  I was livid, of course.  I immediately removed him from Facebook but he wrote me privately that his words were not intended against the Palestinians but I disagreed.  In the exchanges that followed in private messages on Facebook I never sensed any doubts whatsoever about his belief in the cause of the Syrian regime and he never wavered in defending Bashshar, even when I was critical in my comments.  But what will Jihad say now that he has defected? That he was lying all along or that he was not lying but that he will start lying in his new role? How does one explain and account for the shift?  (It was easy in the case of former prime minister, Riyad Hijab, who was a Ba`thist functionary).  People who defect at this stage are not fooling anyone but are merely running for the exit signs.