Saturday, December 01, 2012

Syrian "revolutionaries" are not angels

Whenever I criticize the Syrian "revolutionaries" (and they are to revolution what I am to Zionism), I am often met by comments along the lines: the revolutionaries are not angels.  Today, I remembered those statements.  During the Lebanese civil war, when I was a radical leftist boy, I was always criticizing the thuggery of the Fath Movement and its gangs in Lebanon.  I kept saying that those crimes will bring so much damage to the Palestinian revolution.  I was always told: the "revolutionaries" are not angels, and one Fath fanatic once wanted to arrange my assassination because I dared to "criticize the revolution".  (Comrade `Imad saved me, thanks you wherever you are now).  Later, when the Israeli invasion happened, it of course relied on the climate of hostility to the revolution that was created by the thuggery of Fath and its affiliated groups.  I used to run into some of those who used to tell me "the revolutionaries are not angels" after the invasion and I would look at them with such anger, not really feeling vindicated given the high price we paid.  I think about that in the case of Syria.  Finally, it is not a revolution when it is all thuggery, as is the case with the Ikhwan and Salafite thugs in Syria.  Good night.