Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Richard Envel's captors

So according to the story that is being circulated by Western media: Engel was kidnapped by Shabbihah, but his captors were not even `Alawites but Shi`ites.  And those Shi`ites (unlike the sectarian gangs of the FSA who are at pains to disguise their sectarianism) while they were moving their hostages regularly, they insisted on shooting a video of their hostages with freshly painted Shi`ite sectarian slogans on the wall because they are at pains to showcase their sectarianism.  Oh, and they were roaming freelly in the stronghold area of the Free Syrian Army right next to the Turkish border, where Engel and his crew were kidnappedWhen I read this the story of Christopher Hitchens' encounter with Abu Nidal at a Baghdad cafe becomes more believable.