Sunday, December 30, 2012

PA's Ministry of Health

Mohammad sent me this regarding a post sent to me by Sammy the other day:
"I am not in a position to be the mouthpiece of the PA, but Sammy's post is clearly a twisted Story. for the following reasons:
first: He said "many stories about people who died due to simple illnesses" and as a doctor who work in Palestine, I challenge him to document one single case. and check out the WHO classification on the Palestinian Medical service.
Second: Ministry of Health is not a charity which accepts funds according to the donor's desire. the Ministry shows the needs and the donor observe the project.
Third: If there --as he claimed-- that there are no qualified doctors in Palestine, so why Palestine is qualified to train post-graduate medical studies --specialities-- (Palestine Medical Board)
Fourth: If Sammy has 'tribal' dispute with Laila Ghannam in their village (Dair Debwan), It is Shameful to show that there is no qualifications in Palestine with no Statistical nor scientifically documented DATA.
finally: Give me one single reference other that the relative of Mr. Sammy who tried to make good thing!! "