Friday, December 28, 2012

PA corruption

From Sammy:  "This past weekend I met a family friend (and businessman) who recently returned from Palestine. He informed me he had set up a meeting with Ramallah governor Leila Ghanam. He proposed to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars for a modern emergency room in Ramallah with all the latest medical equipment in the memory of a family member who had recently passed away. They got turned down saying the PA doesn't have the doctors to support such a plan and training for use in the equipment .. Makes you think that the fuck have they been doing with all that foreign aid over the years for them not being able to provide adequate medical care/equipment for the Palestinian people. There are stories of Palestinians dying due to simple causes due to lack of medical treatment. Anyways, further meetings with other officials such as the Ministry of Health and others came up with a better idea..have the family donate the money to them and they'll take care of the project...yeah right!

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P.S. Leila Ghanam, who is often paraded on television as being the first female Palestinian governor, is from a local Ramallah village named Deir Debwan. There, her father (Dawoud) and brother (Mohamed) do as they like with impunity. They come from a family of Palestinian intelligence officials. The local villagers are sick of them. For example, Mohamed, a mukabarat official, had his car burned earlier this year. It was reportedly blamed on settlers (link below). But my family is from Deir Debwan and settlers have never stepped foot there. It was most likely done to settle scores by other Palestinians."