Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lousy reporting by Neil MacFarquhar (and his token Arab side-kick): bigotry against `Alawites

This article has nothing new whatsoever: it merely parrots and highlights the bigoted anti-`Alawite sentiments of sectarian Syrian armed groups: and they have been saying this even before the conflict in Syria started.  But imagine this: MacFarquhar is reporting on the political agenda and plans of `Alawites based on the claims of their sectarian enemies.  Can you imagine the Times publishing an article about the intentions of Jewish people based on the claims of anti-Semites?  The article has not one shred of evidence except this:  "There are widespread suspicions within the opposition that the military is shipping weapons into the Alawite hinterland, or has already positioned them. “The mountains and the coast make it hard to raid,” Mr. Saloom said."  How irresponsible.  And then MacFarquhar, for extra effect, adds this:  "Ahmed Jibril, a Palestinian commander still loyal to Mr. Assad, fled with his son to Tartus from Damascus after rebels there gained the upper hand in the Palestinian neighborhood of Yarmouk, activists said."  But this was the lie fabricated on the first day of the Yarmuk conflict and was quickly denied by PFLP-GC and Jibril yesterday spoke on the matter and ridiculed it and asserted that he was still in Damascus.  This is the kind of lousy reporting that is based on one side only.  Notice that the views of `Alawites themselves are relegated to the end of the article.  How shameful.