Sunday, December 16, 2012

If you tweet in Kuwait

"KUWAIT: “The tweeter and re-tweeter are equal in the crime” Anyone who writes a tweet, and who passes it to others are partners in crime, if it is tantamount to violation of law. This is what was confirmed in the court’s news account which is run by lawyer Najeeb Al-Wuqayan on Twitter, as he said “anyone who re-tweets a tweet that is in violation of the law and carries a state security suspicion, then he will be a suspect like the one who writes it. Al-Wuqayan said the tweeter is dealt with as a columnist, so anyone who re-tweets it, will be included in the punishment like the original author. The law stipulates that punishments for campaigning against state security and insulting Prophets and their companions may reach a KD 100,000 fine, apart from jail terms. He said that this is applicable for newspapers, magazines, TV and social networks also." (thanks Sultan)