Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hizbullah fighters, if they are found

Yesterday, Ahmad Mu`adh Al-Khatib (who spent a career opposing Facebook and masturbation but not the Asad dictatorship) made a statement on orders from his masters.  He called on Hizbullah leadership to "withdraw its fighters from Syria--if they are found."  I kid you not.  If they are found?  What about foreign Al-Qa`idah fighters WHO ARE FOUND?  He also called on `Alawites to extend their hands to the opposition.  But given the sectarian killings and massacres of `Alawites by the sectarian forces of the opposition, he later explained that he only meant that `Alawites should extend their necks so that they can be easily beheaded.  Oh, and don't forget that Al-Akhatib and all others in the new opposition "coalition" that was founded by the US were busy defending Al-Qa`idah in the last few days.