Sunday, December 16, 2012

glamorizing Syrian armed rebels in the New York Times

There is an emotional tribute to Abu Furat, one of the commanders of the Free Syrian Army in the New York Times.  Can you imagine such a tribute to a Palestinian or Hizbullah commanders?  Look at the emotionalism:  "“A man has left our world, and men are few,” Samar Yazbek, a prizewinning novelist".  Who really knows Yazbek as a novelist in the Arab world? She is only known for being a token `Alawite in a sectarian Sunni opposition led by the Muslim Brotherhood.  Let us not kid ourselves.  Also, her words cited are not original: they belong to the pre-Islamic Arab Jewish poet, As-Samaw'al (As-Samaw'al is an old Arabized version of Samuel) bin `Adiyah when he said: (She rebuke us that we are few in numbers, so I told her that noble men are few). 
تعيّرنا أنا قليل عديدنا    فقلت لها إن الكرام قليل