Monday, December 03, 2012

Freedom of speech in the US: support for Hizbullah and Hamas

I have argued early this year with some of you (lawyers and law students) about how the laws on terrorism apply to freedom of speech for those who support Hizbullah and Hamas in the US. I argued that even vocal non-material support is illegal in the US.  Here is an example:  "The demand is based on laws saying that any person or group offering material support — contributing cash, weapons and other tangible aid, including “service” and “expert advice or assistance” — to terrorist organizations is essentially working with them."  Because some of you maintained that I was wrong in saying that even what the government considers as "moral support" can be grounds for prosecution.  There was a case of a US citizen in Chicago--I believe--who donated money to a hospital in Gaza and who was prosecuted by the US government because the hospital was "terrorist-run".