Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Comrade Laleh in Jadaliyya

"So I started with Israeli practices of confinement in Lebanon and Palestine and US detention and incarceration practices in its War on Terror and started going back in history. With each layer of history of confinement that I excavated, I felt like had to go back deeper. In the end, the subsoil of the project turned out to be the Boer War, and the contemporaneous Spanish War on Cuba, and their concentration camps. The two or three wars that ended up mattering a great deal were the ones that today’s counterinsurgents themselves claim as the originary wars. For the US, it always goes back to the British Emergency in Malaya, the Algerian War of Independence, and of course the Vietnam War. For the Israelis, so much is an echo of the various British counterinsurgencies in Palestine, primarily in the 1930s against the Palestinian Arab Revolt, but also against Jewish insurgents in the 1940s."