Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cliche propaganda about Syria in the Western press

I mean, if the propaganda is original, I would have stomached it. But look at this quality:  "Our country is a landscape of urban and rural rape by the Assad dynasty. They leave the land, like the Mongols did before them, covered in smoke, rubble, and blood. The regime redefines barbarianism for the new millennium -- cynically cloaking the country in false modernity for decades, funneling international resources for personal gain and glory, then bombing the country to pieces. In a final insult, they blame it all on a conspiracy."  You read such propaganda cliches and wonder: is there anyone writing about Syria in the Western press today who dares to mention even in passing that there is a criminal regime destroying and killing but that there are armed fanatical groups which also are destroying and killing?  As long as you use the word "rape" in every piece of writing on Syria, you own the moral upper ground and you feign the stance of a preacher.  And of course, just like in the writings about Saddam, make sure that you invoke at every step of the way analogies to Hitler and Mongols to complete the picture and to beg for NATO intervention.  And who but NATO can save the lands and the minarets from destruction?  As for bombing the country to piece, do the bombs by the armed groups cause any destruction or death in the Syrian lands or are they just like Israeli bombs (nuclear and conventional) just harmless?