Wednesday, November 28, 2012

When conventional US media wisdom is just patantly false

"Hamas — which received missiles from Iran that reached Israel’s northern cities — broke with the Iranian axis last winter, openly backing the rebellion against the Syrian president".  Take this sentence which expresses a view that I read daily in the Western press.  I say: find me one statement or interview by any Hamas leader--minor or major--in which he (I can't say she because they keep women hidden in the movement, just like Hizbullah) "openly backed the rebellion against Bashshar Al-Asad".  One statement.  You won't find any, why?  Because there are none.  No Hamas leader ever openly backed the rebellion against Bashshar.  Hamas has been very cautious and very cunning and hedging its bets.  It has not taken an open stance.  None whatsover.  The one detailed statement on Syria by Mish`al since the rebellion began contained praise for the Syrian regime.