Monday, November 05, 2012

What is happening at the Zionist-leaning Penn Arab Student Society

So this lousy organization which believes that Zionists are most qualified to speak about Syrian affairs, has decided that elections are too "traditional".  They sent out this email today (an anonymous member sent it to me):

As a change from previous years, PASS is looking to establish an interview-based recruiting system that will replace the traditional election system. The current board strongly feels that such a shift will benefit the organization as it will allow us to ensure that selected board members fit the organization, are truly interested in and committed to the organization and its mission, and that they have enough time to dedicate to their position. This will be the first year in which we test the interview process out to see how successful and advantageous it so we are very excited to receive your applications and meet you during interviews! Just in case you were wondering, this is in no way supposed to discourage you from applying. All board positions will open up (with the exception of the President and Vice President positions which will be reserved for a member of the current board) and although we would like to keep all the current interested members involved, we are looking to expand and would be willing to create new positions or add positions to existing roles for you. We want you to get more involved and would love to have anyone who truly wants to work with PASS on the board! Thank you for taking the time to fill this out! The interviews will be held at the end of November (after Thanksgiving)/beginning of December, so please try to get your application in by Wednesday, November 21st."
PS I learned that Netanyahu's name was submitted for consideration.