Monday, November 26, 2012

Traitors and collaborators are the only Palestinians liked by the West

Francis from Birmingham sent me this: "I thought you might appreciate this shocking example of media bias in the UK's Daily Mail (see below). It is about the family of the man killed recently in Gaza for supposedly being a traitor and providing information to the IDF. Look how the article treats the man and his family as human beings; shows the families suffering; shows the picture of the poor little girl with her father's photo. When have the deaths of any of the Palestinians killed by the IDF ever been covered in this way? When it is the IDF that is responsible, they are just numbers. They don't have faces, they don't have families. The only death that they covered like this, is the guy who was killed by Palestinians! So only when we can use the story as a stick to beat the Palestinains, only then can we show something of the reality of the suffering in Gaza."