Friday, November 16, 2012

The war criminal record of Israel

People don't understand Arab anger against Israel.  I am 52 years-old and in my life time, Israel has bombed Sudan, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and Iraq.  And in all those wars and attacks, it portrays itself as a victim.  And I did not count its war on Arabs around the world, including its murder of a Moroccan waiter in Norway because he resembled a Palestinian leader.  It even downed a Libyan civilian airliner in 1973 because it "suspected" (wrongly) that a Palestinian leader was on board.  This criminal war record of Israel is not covered in your morning papers in the West.  If you read Arabic and can see what young Arabs are writings on Facebook and Twitter, you will understand a bit more about Arab politics. You will understand for sure that the Jordanian puppet King does not speak for Arab youths, as you seem to have been assuming since the beginning of Arab uprisings.