Thursday, November 22, 2012

The US is preparing a palace coup in Jordan: Hamzah to the American-Israeli rescue

This article is important.  After more than a year of ignoring the protests in Jordan, the New York Times comes out with this article where the focus is on Hamzah.  This is a trend of the US government which lost faith in the ability of `Abdullah to save his throne.  Hamzah's mother, Queen Noor, has been lobbying the US government and various elements in Congress--I am reporting to you exclusively--to arrange for the installation of her son.  Israel has similar concerns and Noor is trying to reassure them.  "“There is a popular outcry for Hamzah,” said an organizer in the two-year-old secular opposition network Hirak, which began raising demands for political reform and local development after the start of the Arab Spring revolts. (Its name comes from the Arabic word for movement.)   Speaking on the condition of anonymity — promoting Prince Hamzah has landed at least one journalist in jail, and on Sunday 89 people were arrested and charged with fomenting violent protests — the organizer said Hirak activists were planning to hold up pictures of Hamzah and the other princes at protests to suggest intrafamily change."