Friday, November 23, 2012

The Syrian exile opposition formed its own intelligence service (mukhabarat)

From Akram:  ?The Syrian people can now feel pleased. The feared Mukhabarat (intelligence service) is no longer exclusive to the decayed Syrian regime. The “revolution” has now it’s own Mukhabarat (called the Revolution Security Agency) with the specialty of beheading the regime's supporters, or people suspected to be supporters (in most cases Alawite) and their family members and their near and far relatives.

While the head of the revolution’s Mukhabarat isn’t yet known, Bassam Ja’ara, the “journalist” of al-Kuds al-Arabi of 'Abdelbari 'Atwan and the member of the defunct SNC, occupies the post of the “director of the political bureau and foreign affairs”. When asked about the meanings of the gun and Koran which appeared on a table (in a simulation of adherence rituals of the infamous secret agency of the Muslim Brotherhood in the era of its founder, Hassan al-Banna) during the announcement of the new agency’s statement no. 1, Bassam Ja’ara denied any Islamist leaning of the new agency. Our revolution isn’t sectarian and will not be, Ja’ara told Asharq al-Awsat (Arabic), the mouthpiece of House of Saud, adding that the main mission of the agency will be the first day after the regime is toppled, where the agency will prevent any security events or sectarian reprisals.

The following photo proves with no doubts the Saudi-like secular nature of the revolution’s Mukhabarat"

PS I have been alerted that the authenticity of the picture at the end of the post has been disputed by the Syrian opposition in various posts on FB.