Saturday, November 17, 2012

The New York Times absolves Israel from responsibility for its crimes

"It is unclear who was responsible for the strike on Annazla: the damage was nowhere near severe enough to have come from an Israeli F-16..." As if Israel has not been bombing Gaza from the sea and the air and the skies.  And as if the Zionist correspondent and her token Arab errand boy are military experts.  Let us say that this was a "mistake", are the other 29 Palestinian victims also mistakes?  And the tens of thousands of Arab civilians who have been killed by Israeli terrorism over a century are they also all a mistake?  How many more tens of thousands of Arab civilians have to die before Western media and governments finally acknowledge that Israeli terrorism has consistently been indiscriminate.  Hell, even the Zionist Thomas Friedman said that in 1982 when he covered Israeli bombing of West Beirut.