Friday, November 30, 2012

talk of the nation

Houssam sent me this:  "On NPR's talk of the Nation today, guest Robert Kagan, a senior fellow in foreign policy at Brookings Institution says, and I am quoting as closely as I remamber:

"the only thing i worry about now is that, we have not seen the worse from Bashar yet. If Bashar crosses the red-lines. ..… in which case the US and the wold would hold a heavy burden…... and then we need to respond to massive slaughter that we cannot tolerate anymore."

I just could not believe that he said that. I called the program to protest and asked the phone operator if 40 thousand Syrians killed "can be tolerated", what would the number that Mr. Kagan consider "a slaughter?" Of course, I was not put on air.

I am waiting for the program script to come out so I can quote more accurately, I just quickly wrote a note on my phone with what I thought I heard as closely as possible."