Sunday, November 04, 2012

Shaykh Nasser of Kuwait

A reader sent me this:  "The Sheikh Nasser that Mujtahidd is talking about is not the same as the ousted PM. This is Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmad, son of the Emir. The PM was Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Ahmad, the Emir's nephew.  I'm not a fan of either yourself or Mujtahidd -- I just wanted to show you the quality of your sources. Please do not share my name or email address."

Yazan, who wrote the original post, sent me this in response: "Putting aside the person's unfortunate snarky comment, I'm glad he/she pointed it out because it clarified my own personal questions on why Sheikh Nasser al-Mohammed al-Ahmad (former PM, and nephew of the emir, hyper-linked tacky website for you) would be talking to the opposition after being targeted by them. The person is right, it is the son, Nasser Sabah al-Ahmad.

It was an idiotic mistake on my part, but if you don't mind, I'll explain how I made it.

I had only read Mujtahidd's Oct 31st tweets which the Bahraini correspondent was asking about and was trying to offer a rapid answer from what I know. If I had read further (and slower) beyond the October 31, Mujtahidd actually does go into more detail about Sheikh Nasser al-Sabah (the son) in his Nov 1 tweets that I hadn't had the time to read until now.

In the Oct 31 tweets, Mujtahidd mentions Sheikh Nasser here
and here:
The word mujtahidd used that I missed the first time around was: نجل
which means son, offspring, etc.
(I know this because I just looked it up since I'm honestly not familiar with that term).
On his Nov 1 tweets, mujtahidd clarifies more about Nasser's (the son) role.
For example there two links:
Who is Nasser Sabah al-Ahmad?
He is son of the emir and is the Minister of Amiri Diwan Affairs since 2006,
he usually plays the role of messenger, etc,and I'm not in tune on what is his personal ambitions or intentions,
but his attempts to open a dialogue with the opposition makes complete sense.

(so thank you, unknown snarky person)."
PS "In fact, mujtahidd's tweets on Saudi Arabia's role in Kuwait begins even earlier in Oct 22.
I think It starts here:
Muhtahidd uses terms that sometimes vexes me.
When I was summarizing his Oct. 13th tweets on succession, on one tweet he used this term: التغريبيين
It drive me mad for about an hour to figure out exactly what he went."