Thursday, November 01, 2012

Questions about Kuwait

From Angry Arab's correspondent on Bahrain.  If anyone has answers, please send my way:

"I am curious to hear your comments or the comments of any sources you have in kuwait about @mujtajidd's latest tweets concerning the saudi-jordanian-american plot against kuwait. There are a few things I am confused about:

- some of kuwaits opposition (muslim brotherhood) stood against the protests in bahrain. The theory is that saudi is moving them (don't believe that -just stating the theory that some kuwaitis had). Now that doesn't make sense if you read mujtahidds tweets. Why?

1) He talks about shaikh nasser standing against the plot and begging the opposition to delay their protests. Isn't that the same shaikh nasser that the opposition stood against and was later ousted? I don't get it. He's now trying to help the opposition?

2) What's kuwaits emirs stance on this? Isn't it a bit weird that he'd let saudi arabia play such a huge role in kuwait? I mean the kuwaiti royal family is not like bahrains. They never were puppets of alsaud. Remember the kuwaiti emir was against saudi arabia sending troops to bahrain - presumably that's because he's against saudi hegemony. Is there a new alliance between the kuwaiti royal family and saudi?

3) Who is shaikh Mishal and why is he allied with Saudi Arabia?

4) What is the stance of the kuwaitis (other than the leftists) such as dashti who stood with the bahraini opposition but is against the opposition in Kuwait? From what I understood his theory is that the opposition is being moved by saudi. Now that can't be reconciled with Mujtahidd's tweets

I'm hearing so many theories about kuwait. A more democratic kuwait will obviously be good for the Gulf. But other than that I have no idea what's happening and I am confused over the roles of the different players involved."